Barm Brack Club

Barm Brack Club

The Barn Brack Club was started in 2001 to help with the upkeep and maintenance of the Church and surrounding grounds.

It is a sociable group which helps to reduce the costs of maintaining the buildings and improves the overall fabric of the Church property.

The Club meets on a Tuesday morning from 10am usually completing our tasks by noon, although we do not have a formal membership between five and twelve people normally attend.

If you have a few hours to give on a Wednesday morning and would like to help please come along where Allen Hanna will make you feel very welcome.

To date this year we have achieved the following:

  • Re-wired the mesh in the tower to keep the birds out.
  • Cleaned repainted all the metalwork referring to the bells in the tower.
  • Applied preservative to all floors , climbing devices in the tower.
  • Repaired and repainted rear walls in the church.
  • Installed drainage channel in the car park access area.
  • Cleared guttering around church.
  • Cleared old graves of weeds.
  • Cut hedges around the property.
  • Repaired faulty toilets.
  • Replaced cracked heads over doorway to old toilet.
  • Much much more.
  • As you can see most of the maintenance work around the parish.