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The Leprosy Mission - Northern Ireland


Every Christmas we all buy and receive gifts that we don't really need. How many pairs of socks can one man wear in a year? How much soap or perfume can you really use?

This year, why not buy a Gift to Remember, a meaningful gift that will change a life in the developing world. For as little as £5 you could protect someone's eyes from permanent damage. When leprosy is left untreated it is possible to lose the ability to blink and patients can become blind. They need to protect the eye against the scorching heat of the sun. £5 would buy two pairs of sunglasses. Almost 1 out of every 150 mothers who deliver a baby in Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) dies in childbirth. A gift of less than £15 would provide a mother with a midwife and a maternity care package.

Less than £7 would provide two pairs of specially designed sandals which protect feet against cuts and wounds. Because leprosy patients' feet are numb, cuts and burns often go untreated and infections grow.

In many cases amputation is necessary. The Leprosy Mission Ireland is the oldest branch of The Leprosy Mission International: an international interdenominational Christian organisation with over 135 years experience in leprosy work.

We are all grateful to all who prayerfully and financially support our work in leprosy care, cure, rehabilitation and prevention.

Betty Jones - Autumn 2010

TLM is planning for a work team to go to Tanzania in October 2007. The project is to build five basic houses for people affected by leprosy. These people are living in the most terrible conditions. If you are looking for an opportunity for practical ministry, this would be an ideal for you.

More detailed information can be found on our website:

Please pray for those who are living in one of the remote villages of Darfur , who have decided to cross the desert to Zalingi, another leprosy village, where they expect to feel more secure, despite the dangers of such a journey. Ask the Lord to be with them and for his protection upon them.

Thank you to all those who save stamps for TLM.

Please continue to support the mission in this worthwhile way. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Betty Jones