The South American Mission Society

The South American Mission Society

Picture the scene - a poor home in the Paraguayan Chaco. No electricity or piped water.

The local woodland is your toilet. Roberto lives here with his wife, seven children and 17 grandchildren. There are many other families living here in similar conditions. But now Roberto's family are moving into a new home - built with adobe bricks, concrete floor and metal corrugated roof and the luxury of a long drop toilet.

This is one of the new homes funded by Mission Paraguay. Stored rainwater from the seasonal heavy rain is the only supply of wholesome drinking water. One of Mission Paraguay's priorities is to provide underground storage tanks for the rainwater.

Please remember in your prayers the work of SAMS Paraguay and also all the volunteers who go out each year from Ireland and England to share the love of Jesus and make practical things happen.

Louise McClory - Autumn 2010

Thank you for your continual financial and prayerful support for SAMS. I would ask that you please pray for the following -

Bishop John and Judie Ellison who work with the indigenous communities in the Chaco region of Paraguay . Because of the incredibly high rainfall recently, mosquitoes and snakes are causing problems. More snake bite serum has had to be rushed to them as speed is the essence with snake bites.

We also pray for protection for those who work in cities where the dengue epidemic is bad. Thousands of people are affected and an even more dangerous strain called gastric dengue which affects the soft organs of the body is appearing and already has resulted in some deaths.

Thank you again for your support.

Louise McClory