Sunday School & Creche

Sunday School

In a volume of Historical Notes on the Parish of Tullylish written by Dean E.A. Myles (Rector of Tullylish 1896-1951) there is reference to a Sunday School in the parish in 1788. The Rector of Tullylish at that time was The Reverend Edward Berwick. Dean Myles writes that a Captain Thomas Dawson Lawrence who resided in Laurencetown House in the parish took to writing poetry. A volume of his poems published in 1789 was for the benefit of the Sunday School. The article goes on to say that Captain Lawrence had been educated with Oliver Goldsmith.

In the 19th century two schools were built in the parish - one at Knocknagor and the other at Clare. On completion they were handed over to the Down, Connor and Dromore Diocesan Board of Education as National Schools and centres for Religious Education. So as well as a morning Sunday School in the Parish Church , the two schools became venues for afternoon Sunday Schools.

Over 200 years later, Sunday School continues in Tullylish. With the exception of the first Sunday in the month which is a Family Service, approximately 30 children meet on Sunday mornings in the Church Hall during September to June.

The aims of the Sunday School are:
  • To teach children, from an early age, sound Christian Doctrine and Biblical truths.
  • To nurture children in their faith and seek to make the Bible alive and relevant to them.
These aims are carried out by a dedicated group of Sunday School teachers under the leadership of Mrs Betty Jones.


AST provide a creche facility for children so that all parents can attend our Sunday morning church service.

The creche is open to children who are not old enough for Sunday School and takes place in the comfortable surroundings of our Church Hall. The contact if you would like to enquire about this service is Mrs Ray Coleman Tel. No. 028 2888 1422.

All AST organisations for young people adhere to the Diocese Child Protection guidelines.